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Kindness Collections

Weaving Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills into your classroom.

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Kindness Spotlights

Enrich your classroom with these fun, free and engaging activities that inspire a culture of kindness.

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Kindness Program

A little bit about this program and the partnership.

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Teach Kindness in Your Classroom

Studies have shown that students in kind, positive learning environments do better on tests, learn more (at a faster rate), and are just generally much, much happier. But is kindness teachable? Yes! Kindness is a skill—and like any skill, it can be developed with practice and repetition. That’s where we come in: The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has developed an evidence-based curriculum that is proven to improve sociality, empathy, and closer relationships. Now, these incredible resources have been curated by Discovery Education curriculum experts to provide seamless integration into your daily classroom instruction.

Kindness Collections

The Kindness Collections offer a suite of resources that allow educators to explore one central kindness concept. The collections are divided into four parts containing two, 30-minute lesson plans that feature powerful videos and engaging activities to inspire thoughtful discussions and kind actions. Each of the four parts represents one step of RAK’s Kindness Paradigm:

  1. Step 1: Inspire
  2. Step 2: Empower
  3. Step 3: Act
  4. Step 4: Share
Kindness: Inspire, Empower, Act, Share

Fall 2016 Kindness Collection

Kindness Concept: Compassion
Grade Level: K-5

Spring 2017 Kindness Collection

Kindness Concept: Self-Care
Grade Level: 6-8

These collections of activities and lessons are designed to help your students:
  1. understand kindness, compassion and self-care
  2. build skills in order to take action to develop a culture of kindness in the classroom and beyond

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


Create Your Own Kindness Collection: How-To Guide

Designed to help you select RAK Kindness Concepts and create your own Kindness Collection for your students.


Kindness Spotlights

We know the demands on today’s teachers are high, and it can seem like a challenge to find the time to continue teaching critical social and emotional skills throughout the year. That’s why we’ve highlighted some of our favorite activities to complement your classroom instruction. Each month, we will feature two elementary and two middle school activities based on a kindness concept. Choose at least one activity to implement with your students during the month to keep kindness in the spotlight in your classes!

October: Helpfulness and Responsibility

Help students understand that part of being kind is acting responsibly, and being helpful to others.


November: Gratitude and Respect

‘Tis the season of giving thanks, so help your students practice gratitude and respect this month.


December: Fairness and Integrity

There's a reason we cheer on heroes who champion justice. Discuss what it means to be fair, and the value of doing what is right, even when no one is watching.


January: Self-Discipline and Caring

Teach students how to show concern for themselves and others by controlling their words and actions.


February: Self-Care and Compassion

Teach students the importance of taking care of themselves as well as others through kind words, actions and thoughts.


March: Perseverance and Assertiveness

Don't give up when the going gets tough! Discuss how to stand up for yourself while also being respectful of others.


You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.

Martin Luther

Save the Date: Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 12-18 2017

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A Little Bit About the Partnership

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to provide K-8th grade educators with materials to teach and cultivate kindness in classrooms worldwide. RAK's evidence based curriculum is conveniently aggregated into Collections and Spotlights that guide teachers in implementing resources proven to improve critical social and emotional learning skills to create a culture of kindness in the classroom and beyond.